Camp Set Rover (for 2)

18.50 / night

This camp-set is for travelers on the move. It is easy to pitch and pack, so you are fee to roam around! For hikers and pilgrims, we recommend the even lighter camp set Pilgrim.

Clear dates

Security Deposit : 125.00



Camp-set Rover includes:

An ease to pitch tent for 2 persons
One double matrass (190 x 135 x 20cm)
Two inflatable cushions (37 x 27 x 10cm)
Two comfortable sleeping bags (225 x 85cm)
Everything you need for eating, sleeping and enjoying your holidays!

For your ease of transport, we have packed things as follows (see photo):

  • Tent (package 60 x 18 x 18cm, 4.9kg)
  • Two sleeping bags (package 40 x 22 x 22cm each)
  • Crate 1 (plastic folding crate of 48 x 35 x 25cm) containing:
    • Air matrass
    • Electric air pump for mattresses (12v/230v)
    • Inflatable pillows
    • 1 ceiling light
    • 2 personal lights with magnet attachment, and remote control
    • Rubber hammer for tent pegs
    • 1 Plastic box containing:
      • Bamboo plates
      • Bamboo cups
      • Bamboo bowls
      • Cutlery
      • Bottle opener
      • Can opener
      • Scissors
      • Peeler
      • Large and small cooking knife
      • Bread knife
      • Cooking utensils (including soup spoon, whisk etc)
      • Grater
      • Collapsible strainer
  • Crate 2 (plastic folding crate of 48 x 35 x 25cm) containing:
    • Collapsible water container 5L
    • Collapsible washing tub 8L
    • Two-burner gas stove
    • Gas cylinder
    • Pan and pot set
    • Kettle
    • Cutting boards (2)
    • Olive oil
    • Washing brushes
    • Dish soap
    • Tea towels (2)
    • Hand towels (2)
    • Clothes line
    • Clothes pins
    • Pan & duster

For this campset, a security deposit of €125, will be added to your cart. The deposit will be refunded after the return of the set (see our Terms and Conditions for details).


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